Sunday, January 26, 2003

HyperChibiGuy: who is this?
RANCIDandRANCOR: and i think if i refer someone i get points
HyperChibiGuy: that's...nice... ._.;;;
RANCIDandRANCOR: its cool
RANCIDandRANCOR: what you do is add an item you dont want
RANCIDandRANCOR: usually a dvd, cd, vhs, or a book
RANCIDandRANCOR: and you say how many points youll trade for it
HyperChibiGuy: *backs away slowly*
RANCIDandRANCOR: and then if someone makes an offer you send it to them
RANCIDandRANCOR: and you get points
RANCIDandRANCOR: so you can get cds, dvds,vhs,or books from someone else
HyperChibiGuy: What the fuck are you saying? ._.;;
RANCIDandRANCOR: and look
RANCIDandRANCOR: it explains it
HyperChibiGuy: ?
HyperChibiGuy: i'm kind of confused
HyperChibiGuy: you're talking about something
HyperChibiGuy: someone's talking about soup
HyperChibiGuy: & Steve's trying to figure out why I don't like telling people when my b-day is
RANCIDandRANCOR: its this place where you sign up and you can add an item to the list for like want to get rid of it for 8 can be either a dvd, vhs, cd, or a book and if someone offers 8 points for it you mail it to them and you get 8 points so you can get items from other people
RANCIDandRANCOR: and its cool because you dont need money...
HyperChibiGuy: bbl, k?
HyperChibiGuy: bye

I LOATHE CHIBIDICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2002

WOW. I have nothing to talk about but that convo after two months or whatever. O_O
Darlanton 1979: I didn't read anything
how to play god: so your making a reason to still be angry at me>
Darlanton 1979: Now is not the best time to agrivate me
how to play god: i met meg..didnt you?
Darlanton 1979: So you gave her my SN
how to play god: no
Darlanton 1979: Um hm
how to play god: i didnt.
how to lay god: I sent her a screenshot and it had your screen name at the bottom maybe? or maybe shes seen my pc
how to play god: or maybe she searched
how to play god: and i happen to know her
how to play god: i didnt give her your screen name
Darlanton 1979: Whatever...
how to play god: whatever?
how to play god: whats that supposed to mean
Darlanton 1979: Just what it said
how to play god: it means what ever? But what ever are you talking about? There are alot of evers....
how to play god: what does ever mean anyway?
how to play god: i know what what means...but not really ever...i know it has to do with want to know what time it is?
how to play god: its 9:09 pm
Darlanton 1979: I AM NOT in the mood for this
how to play god: why not?!
Darlanton 1979: Because I'm fucking NOT
how to play god: your never in the mood to talk! Even i can be in the mood to talk when i feel like shit, it makes me in the mood to talk.
Darlanton 1979: Well, I'm not you
how to play god: im glad...i dont need more people trying to steal my identity.
how to play god: And maybe i was just trying to help i mean whats wrong with meeting new people?
Darlanton 1979: So you did give her my SN
how to play god: maybe i did.
Darlanton 1979: You lied to me
Darlanton 1979: Flat out and out lied to me
how to play god: no i didnt.
how to play god: I sent her a screenshot and it had your screen name at the bottom maybe? or maybe shes seen my pc
how to play god: or maybe she searched
how to play god: and i happen to know her
how to play god: i didnt give her your screen name
Darlanton 1979: You said you did not give it to her
Darlanton 1979: No no no...don't try that bullshit with me
how to play god: i didnt just go up and say hey do you want this guys screen name?
how to play god: its not bullshit.
how to play god: your making more reasons to be angry
Darlanton 1979: I'm tired of talking
how to play god: But your not talking....,
Darlanton 1979: I'm about to block you
how to play god: you know i truly dont care...i dont know why i even talk to you let the stupidest shit bother you and make you angry and give you reasons to take it out on other people that used to trust you and go to you for help and make them feel like shit...go ahead...take the easy way out a block me..the overall stupidest thing you could possibly do
Darlanton 1979: Then I'm stupid

Friday, November 15, 2002

how to play god: i wish my bro hadnt locked me in the basement and turned the light off...few days after we moved in
how to play god: im horrified of it now
how to play god: because when its dark
how to play god: i go nuts
how to play god: and see TONS of shit
how to play god: and it scares the fuck out of me
how to play god: so i cant ever EVER be in the dark
how to play god: even sleeping
how to play god: when my eyes close
how to play god: they start twitching like hell
how to play god: but im afraid to open my eyes
how to play god: so i always leave my light on
how to play god: and when im up at night like i am now
how to play god: i always leave the tv on
how to play god: i dont like the things i see when its night out though
how to play god: and when i dream'


*The overlords of the oekaki of lost souls guarantee that if your pic is deleted we will give you a reason why and offer help. We know what its like to
go to a new oekaki, draw a picture, and to have it deleted. But dont worry, unlike many oekakis we will judge the pictures by aesthetic quality not
whether we like it or not. After all that would be arrogant.

*The overlords will not judge pictures based on beliefs that a person bases them off of. You can draw anything, so long as its not anything breaking
said rules.

*We will be as fair as we possibly can. At lost souls we believe that the artist is just as important as the art once again, as long as it abides to said

*If you are a beginner or simply need help with anything we will be glad to help. We can tell you places to go for practice, places to learn tips, and ways
to make your art better.


Trasparency: To make any part of a picture transparent all you need to do is follow these steps. Its very easy once you get the hang of it. O~K.
Step 1: Start drawing your picture on the top layer and make sure the your on the right layer first. In an oekaki there are two layers. You can
find the layer selector on the bottom of the toolbar to the right.
Step 2: After drawing the picture on the top layer completely, colored and all, click the layer selector once so that it says layer 0. Now that you
are on that layer you should draw the background.
Step 3: Now that your done both layers its time to make transparency! Say you want to make a full black wing transparent. Select black on the
pallette. Now you should click on "tone" on the toolbar once so that it says "shade off". Now click on paint or fill. Now go to the wing and click on
it. TADAAN~! Its transparent!

Thursday, November 14, 2002


O-K now...i promise not to post any more....


Vincent Valentine

You are still struck by the death of one of your loved ones or something terrible that happened to you a long time ago. You are cold and unwilling to accept friendships, however, you may have a couple of friends at your side. You need to learn to break away from the past.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

OH MAN! I fucking love this song. The beat is so good and everything xD~ Its by Mc Chris, the same guy who did I need candy, you know, the song I made momma D sing and sang forever at school? YES. THAT SONG. xD~ Oh man...nothing to live for....

the tussin
lyrics by c.ward
music by j.fewell

way back college boy asked to a high school dance
couldn't wait, but my date was in my friend's pants.
didn't know what to do, mc feelin blue,
til my best friend said that the red would get me through.
went to the jewel with my crew, adults only box,
in a second hand suit, bow tie, i'm a fox.
in a car on the street, in my mouth swisher sweet
down that shit at my crib in a one gulp feat.
room starts to turn like cheese,
my tummy starts to churn like grease,
on my knees like a rug burn beast
like an intern tease with a yeast (infection.)
all the while on the tile, feel like I got the flu.
think I'm gonna throw, I think this night is through
ding dong, date's arrived and her dress is ripped.
she don't know I'm on a robotussin trip.
in the back two girls going stag fat asses.
i demand from the date her sunglasses.
do a drop roll out the car like axel.
I need an angel, I need some fuckin advil.
I got a buzz bigger than a behive
cough up my cookies let loose what's on the inside

the tussin, the tussin
put it down like it was nothing
robocop couldn't stop me puking and flushin
no balls to be bustin, no fightin, no cussin
just love for a drug called robotussin

way back college boy, live on eleventh floor.
head out my window, wonder what I'm living for.
knock on my door, what's in store, it's my buddy bux
with the rabbit ear pockets saying he is out of luck.
Need a forty for party thrown by laura kang at rubin.
all he's got is snot and a box full of ludens.
Tell'm bout the tussin, we're hayden ho hustlin'
interupting discussions about reagonomic reprocussions.
Fuck'm, we're fuckin chug luggin.
soon my stomach I'm huggin I'm trippin or something
my coat I button, keep it down like a dungeon.
you could call me the cough medicine curmudgeon.
frankly, the feeling's fuckin fantastic
I'm tripping like jesus in the desert when he fasted,
Like it's the night before we all get drafted,
Like we're rowing through some rapids with Kevin Bacon, white water rafting
Like you're on epcot center on acid? Exactly.


Monday, November 11, 2002

Oh man. Such thinking ive been doing. Thinking about things like what ill do with my life and what not. Thinking about whether I truly have some kind of mental problem or not, thinking about how I have no true friends except for maybe one from school last year and others online, thinking about whether I really have any life at all, thinking about dreams ive had. we were down their and we had to take notes on stuff there and i separated and went on this elevator in this old dark dusty place and it went down really far to more caves and i went through tunnels for a bit til i came to a big hall..i just peeked so i wouldnt get caught...and i was like eoe..its the hall of the incarnates..and there were all these glowing blue panels on the mirrors and a statue in front of each one and in the front there was a big statue that was most important, the priestess lady that took care of the hall was there and some of her helping people. Well she sorta looked like amidala. -_- anyway the statue suddenly came to life and suddenly the whole scene was set to a feild instead of a cave and the statue got all big and demented looking threw the priestess in the air and ate her. I was standing there like O__O and ran back to the gym where we were suppossed to be...the entrance was there. Well i got there and there were tons of people there not just from the school. Everyone seemed to be camping out. I looked outside and it looked like the end of the world or it looks before it snows. Well i ran out to the school stable and almost sank completely in the mud. I climbed out and went inside and there was just one horse left...everyone stole the others. I took this one because it looked really pathetic. Well i went back in the gym and my family was there. My mom said i couldnt keep the horse because we couldnt afford it so i went in the bathrrom which was really decreped and creepy. the horse owner teacher lady said i could keep the horse. my friends mom who was a janitor was there. I left and went home and the neighborhood looked like a war was going on. I went to a diner and my mom was there and she said my sister had died..well i was really sad and cried and ran away and went to some ruined house with no roof and fell and started crying. I looked up in the sky and there was a big missile heading towards the place. I stood up and looked at it and I was thinking im gonna die..but didnt try to run because i knew i couldnt. Well i guess it hit and suddenly i was at my house again. There was some big fancy dude there and i was yelling at him about how it was all his fault. Ive had two dreams with missiles falling towards me and i just accept death. I had another one where i fell off a tower and i was just like im gonna die and woke up as i hit. Im always dying I suppose, in different ways. Just thinking too much I guess. I really wish though, that I had something to live for, now I have nothing. Just me and my drawings and myself. I wish I could clone myself, Id be the best friend ive ever had.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Beef.I taste like Beef.

I taste like beef. I'm probably made of beef. You are what you eat, they say, and if the title didn't mean something else, I would be a beefeater. I think red meat is good for you. Puts hair on your chest. What Flavour Are You?

What Weapon Are You?

I'm big and long


...but can you orgasm in the form of a question?

What's your sexual perversion?

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